CFO Talk: The 8 Superpowers CFOs Use to Scale - with Michelle Kvello

Michelle Kvello, Managing Partner at Lantern Partners, joined Steve on CFO Talk. They took a deep dive into the eight superpowers CFOs use to scale their businesses.

It was a great discussion with valuable insights for finance chiefs searching for new ways to make a bigger impact at their organizations.

1️⃣ Storytelling is Key: As CFOs, our role goes beyond just numbers. We need to be storytellers who can communicate the story of our business through the data. Without a compelling narrative, the numbers lose their impact. Remember, a well-told story can move the conversation forward with stakeholders.

2️⃣ Focus on Key Metrics: In a sea of data, it’s essential to identify the key metrics that matter for your business’s growth. These metrics act as the guiding lights, alerting you to potential problems or opportunities. By laser-focusing on these metrics, you can make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

3️⃣ Simplify for Success: The finance industry has a reputation for complexity, but that doesn’t serve anyone. CFOs should strive to simplify processes and explanations, making financial insights easily understandable to both fellow executives and non-finance colleagues. Simplification not only enhances communication but also enables better decision-making throughout the organization.

Learn about the other superpowers and how they can help your business scale by watching the episode or listening to it at your convenience.

If you have any questions or want to discuss further, feel free to reach out. Our role at CFO.University is to empower CFOs to unlock their full potential and drive growth!
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