CFO Talk: Andrew Codd on Leading a Data Analytics Team

Andrew Codd, the Founder and Lead Producer of The Strength in the Numbers Show, joined us on CFO Talk to share a side of him his audience doesn’t see very often; his role leading a global data analytics team. His story includes a childhood dream of being a navy fighter pilot that was replaced with a desire to learn more about business after his first job in sales. He took some business courses at University College Cork and “fell in love with accounting, just the elegance of the double entry system and being able to deconstruct business”.

He describes an entrepreneurial spirit that led him down an unusual path to a career heavily focused on data analytics. Combing strong leadership skills with a powerful ‘can do’ mindset he overcame some significant hurdles to create and lead a data analytics team for a large multinational. His story is inspirational for finance leaders striving to add a strong data analytics function to their quiver of finance tools.

Among other interesting stories Andrew answers the following questions:

  1. How did you develop the skills to lead a data analytics team?
  2. What do you find most compelling about data analytics for the field of finance?
  3. Would you share examples of projects you have worked on that could help our audience visualize how analytics could fit into their business?
  4. For finance leaders just getting started on their analytics journey do you have any suggestions on where they might start?
  5. What advice would you give finance leaders striving to create a data driven decision making culture?

Thank you to Andrew for sharing all the valuable lessons about leading a data analytics team and showing us a side of him many of his fans, like me, don’t often get to see.

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