The Right CEO/CFO Team Works Magic - (01:11)

Is CFO.University a Good Fit for Your Professional Development?

Our series of short videos shot with Terry White will help you learn the various ways CFO.University can help you and your business, how our professions development model works and how it has evolved since its early roots. They also cover some key relationships that can drive a successful career as CFO.

The Right CEO/CFO Team Works Magic

Steve Rosvold 0:00 It doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of a CFO right away. You can tap into other resources, but eventually that person at your side that has same tie into your business that you do, becomes more important. Early on you can get it from your CPA, you can get it from a really strong controller. But eventually, that role of the CFO, which is much more dynamic than a controller - who handles the accounting side, or a treasure who handles a treasury side, or FP&A manager, who manages business analysis. A CFO can be such a valuable partner, when the dynamics work well personally and professionally between the CEO and CFO. It can be magic. You know, having that right person next to the CEO to help develop the business.

Steve Rosvold 0:42 I’ve had a couple experiences where it just absolutely clicked. It’s really a neat thing to watch a really strong CFO and a strategic CEO. What they can do as a team can be pretty amazing.

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