CFO TALK -  Talent: Don’t Be Left Without It with Greg Hodge

Turmoil is taking place in the recruiting war. The battle for talent, executive level talent especially, seems to be tougher than it’s ever been.

Greg Hodge, and Executive Director at Russell Reynolds Associates, tackles these questions in this CFO Talk:

1. What advice would you give finance leaders about career management?

2. If a finance leader is in job search what specific advice would you give them?

3. What can employers do better – pick one – recruit, develop or retain their executive talent?

4. Do you think the executive level job market is going to weaken, strengthen or stay about where it is today over the next 12 months?

In addition to answering the above questions, Greg covers how the search for talent is changing and how succession planning and strong professional development programs are keys to retaining the best talent.

Learn more from Greg about the war for talent and how you can win it in this CFO Talk.

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