CFO TALK: The Business Focused Finance Leader with Andy Burrows

In this CFO Talk Andy defines the business focused finance leader and describes the qualities that make a business focus finance leader.

Andy highlights how the qualities of business acumen and leadership ‘sit on top’ of the tools and techniques that make up our expertise as financial professionals.

These tools and techniques fall right in line with 3 of the 4 pillars of CFO Success; Accounting, Finance and Treasury.

Andy highlights the limitations restraining finance leaders from becoming business focused shares some solutions to break out of the restraints.

He shares this story in his CFO Talk,

“ I went to the operations director, the project manager and the marketing director. We sat down and I said, ‘This is my model, does it work if we use these variables?’ So we knocked it into shape together. And that helped me build relationships with those people. They started to ask more questions about pricing decisions and contract negotiations, customer profitability, and all sorts of things.

…that’s how you end up being the one who knows everything about the business, because you bother to ask the questions that no one else wants to ask.”

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