Get the Most Out of Your CFO.University Courses

Get the Most Out of Your CFO.University Courses

How to get the most out of your courses at CFO.University:

1. You can study anywhere but for the best result create this environment:

  • Quiet or gently quiet space (soft, soothing music may actually help you learn)
  • Few distractions
  • Comfortable climate and study position
  • Relaxed time for you

2. Come to the course with the intent to Learn and Grow, not to finish

  • Take notes on each piece of learning material
  • Apply the material to your current situation
  • Take one action away from each piece of learning material to strengthen your development and enhance your performance
  • Do the above and finishing will take care of itself

3. Become a Scholar at CFO.University

For a 10-point list of great study habits read Western Governors University’s Ways to Improve Your Study Habits & Grow Your Skills.

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