CFO Talk: Next Generation Finance

In this special CFO Talk Steve and Andy discuss finance transformation and how it’s different at every company and for every CFO.

Steve covers the top initiatives that are shaping transforming in the CFO suite. A recent study conducted by CFO.University the DBP Institute indicated the vast majority of CFOs recognize significant change needs to be made in their operations to stay competitive but only 20% have made meaningful progress so far.

Andy advises leaders to start by creating a finance vision for their company and asking themselves how finance can add the most value. Then measure the gap between what exists today and your vision. Bridging that gap should be the finance transformation journey you are on.

Each company and CFO will have their own starting point and a unique set of requirements that will define the direction, pace and scope of their transformation journey.

One tool finance leaders are using to break through to the next level is coaching. Andy and Steve discuss how coaching is becoming more common for executives and especially when they are preparing for the extreme and radical alterations finance transformation calls for.

Andy explains the coaching program offered by Supercharged Finance, My Finance Coach while Steve explains how the CFO.University individual coaching program, CFO.University Coach, works.

Enjoy this CFO Talk and reach out for guidance - whether it be with Andy or me or another trusted advisor - to make your journey a success.

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