Pillars of CFO Success - (00:54)

Is CFO.University a Good Fit for Your Professional Development?

Our series of short videos shot with Terry White will help you learn the various ways CFO.University can help you and your business, how our professions development model works and how it has evolved since its early roots. They also cover some key relationships that can drive a successful career as CFO.

Pillars of CFO Success

Steve Rosvold 0:00 Here’s how I define the roles of a CFO. There are four pillars: Accounting, Finance, Treasury, and Leadership. Each one of those areas has other parts to it. But if those areas are really important to run well in your company, there’s a good chance you need a CFO.

Steve Rosvold 0:15 The treasury piece is the one that says, well, we’re borrowing money we need that expertise. The finance piece is where you might be investing in new businesses, either M&A, or projects or investing. You need somebody who can analyze and do a good job with financial analysis and investment analysis. The accounting side, you want to get those quick closes done, so you can use that information to make decisions.

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