CFO Talk: Data, Talent and the Chief Financial Officer with Sophia Matveeva

​In this CFO Talk Sophia Matveeva addresses key questions CFOs have about the data profession. She begins by explaining how the roles in the data profession are defining data analytics and data science. She ends with advice on vetting the output of your data professionals.

As a non-technical founder of tech businesses, Sophia has learned how to build and analyze digital products, lead technical teams and hire developers. She believes it is not only possible but desirable for people without computer science backgrounds to create digital products, so we can all benefit from diversity of thought to create useful new tech.

Sophia understands creating something new is hard enough. Her goal with Tech For Non-Techies is to make it easier. She is a Member of the University of Chicago Alumni Board and a Business Mentor at the Polsky Center.

Enjoy our CFO Talk with Sophia.

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