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Another Pillar We Call “Other”

We recognize our Four Pillars of CFO Success have some key dependencies. That is why we created the Other section under Courses at CFO.University. These areas are important in their own right. Each one supports all Four Pillars of CFO Success. These areas are included in our Other Courses section and include; Human Resources, Technology/Digital Transformation and Career Management.

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Human Resources

Human Resource I:  Human Resource Development

This course will introduce you to new concepts and tools you can apply directly to improving your staff and your Human Resource Department.

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Career Management

Introduction to Career Management

​In this course we cover the important topic of career management. Eisenhuth’s experience is in the Australian market but his teaching is applicable in any geography.

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Career Management I: Clarity

Your career is a very personal journey and while it is possible to be strategic and specific about particular functional skills that you need to develop to be ready hold a CFO role in the future, there is far more at stake when it comes to exploring career paths.

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Career Management II: High Performance

From the Clarity course, you would have started to become comfortable with the concept that every CFO function is different as a result of the leadership group, nature of business, ownership structure, size and other features. This ties directly into a very important career management theme; High Performance.

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Career Management III: Influence

From a career management point of view, influence is one of the broadest areas and ties into almost all aspects of the career of an accounting and finance professional. Not only is influence a key leadership behavior, but it relates to the way we interact with all others in our business, team and broader network.

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Career Management IV: Networks

As a finance professional, you are always linked to other people and other people hold the key to promotions, development opportunities, support, introductions, knowledge and all sorts of career “lubricants” to move your career forward more efficiently.

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Digital Transformation

Information Technology: A Case Study on Key Information Technology Themes and More

This course is designed around the business novel “The Edge” by Manoj Garg and Mike Scheuerman. They pack the learning aspects of a text book into the format of a fast-paced novel. The book and follow up work will teach you key aspects for successful Information Technology management through the story and the Concepts Tutorial developed by the authors.

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Information Technology: New Technology

This course will help you navigate the digital transformation of the AFT (accounting, finance and treasury) with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and related technologies.

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Information Technology: Themes for Finance Executives

The course covers a myriad of information technology topics critical to CFO success, including;

Evaluating technology investments, Integrating technology in mergers or acquisitions, Implementing ERP and large scale systems, Making Board presentations on technology, Business continuity planning and workbook, Managing cybersecurity risks.

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