CFO Talk: The CEO/CFO Relationship with Tom Burke

CFO Talk: The CEO/CFO Relationship with Tom Burke

Tom Burke, a serial CEO in the pharmaceutical space, shares his experience with senior financial leaders and how their role and their relationship with the CEO has changed during his career.

Speaking from experience, here is one of Tom’s messages to CFOs,

“I have been in companies where the CFO is referred to as the brakes, the brakes on the organization. I don’t think that’s in their best interest, number one, and two, that’s not really their
role. Their role is to determine how best to work in a given situation.

So, as the CEO’s partner, it’s important the CFO inform the CEO and leadership group about potential challenges. But I think it’s much more important the CFO is consider how ways we can make it work.”

Learn more from Tom on how CFOs can create value by partnering with their CEOs in this CFO Talk: The CEO/CFO Relationship.

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