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Individual Development Planning: From One-on-One to a Team Sport
other pillar
Many leaders — even those deeply committed to the growth of others — find themselves cringing as the annual individual development planning (IDP) season approaches. And they’re not alone. Employees frequently feel a similar sense of dread as they prepare to sit down and plot out their goals, learning, and advancement trajectory yet again. With employee retention a top priority for many organizations, the time is now to shift our thinking about development.

Julie Winkle Giulioni

Is AI the Future for Spreadsheets?
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Until just a few years ago, there was no real alternative to Excel. If you wanted to do any type of data analysis, keep financial records, manage your corporate finances and perform risk analysis, Excel was the only tool at your disposal. But, as those of us working with them to make decisions based on numbers will tell you, traditional spreadsheets leave a lot to be desired. Yet, virtually everybody still uses spreadsheets that are vulnerable to data leakage, undetected errors and often bad business decisions.

Gianluca Bisceglie


Governance & Controls – structure and controls.

Transaction Recording – systems, transaction processing and closing the books.

Reporting - efficient, timely and accurate information for decision making and meeting compliance requirements.

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Business Planning - provide the financial roadmap for the company with supporting analytics.

Financial Forecasting - integrate the company’s current performance relative to budget with the real-time business environment.

Investment Analysis - the framework to analyze new opportunities as they present themselves.

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Cash Management - the discipline to ensure cash is available to operate the business normally.

Funding - Planning for and raising funds to meet the needs of the business.

Risk Management – Identification and mitigation of key business risks.

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Self-Awareness - Internal.

Team Building - External.

Strategy & Culture – Motivate people to follow you.

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Four Pillars of Executive Expertise

CFO.University is built around the Four Pillars of CFO Success. These Pillars are supported with Core Competencies. Our framework allows you to master your role as a senior financial officer. The Four Pillars are made up of:

Accounting – Governance & Controls, Transaction Recording and Reporting

Finance – Business Planning, Financial Forecasting and Investment Analysis

Treasury – Cash Management, Funding (Capital Raising) and Risk Management

Leadership – Self Awareness, Team Building and Strategy & Culture

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