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The Importance of Training and Coaching Your Financial Officers
leadership pillar
There is never a bad time for you to focus on the professional development of your team. Finding the time is another matter. It’s easy to defer the investment until “it’s more convenient” or the “new version is released”. By the time you reach those timelines, it may be too late. Your team has left or isn’t capable of performing to the standards you expect. It’s not on them. It’s on you. Make sure you carve out time, the big hurdle, and budget, normally a smaller hurdle, to keep your team performing to your standards. It will increase the individual’s professional value, create value for the company and improve the bonds between all parties. Show you care about their future, and yours while instilling a professional growth culture at your business. Prepare your AFT departments to move your company to the next level.Your Accounting, Finance and Treasury (AFT) departments play an important role that enables your company to move to the next level. The Senior Financial Officer is the cornerstone of that group. New Senior Financial Officers can be blindsided by critical business events they have never faced before. If they and their staff are not prepared to tackle these challenges, your company may stagnate, or possibly, fail. Even seasoned CFOs who have been with the same company or in the same industry for years may have blind spots that limit the company’s growth and profitability. Training and mentoring will help fill any critical gaps.

Steve Rosvold

Are GPOs the right option for you?
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Group Purchasing Organization Plans (GPOs) have gained a lot of popularity lately. Most organizations have joined a GPO to combine their purchasing spend with other GPO members to get better pricing and streamline supplier spending. In many cases, GPOs deliver a valuable service. Not all GPOs are created equal and it is important to find right fit for your organization. In some cases, direct supplier negotiation is a viable alternative to GPO.

Dileep Kulkarni

What is the Consultant’s Role When the Project is Complete?
treasury pillar
The fear of ongoing fees that don’t yield high returns prevents many companies from capitalizing on the investment they make in their advisors. Think about how much your consultants have learned about your company, industry, stakeholders and business processes. They give the owner and business leaders an unbiased and independent business perspective that can’t be found within any stakeholder group. The challenge company leaders face is how to leverage the asset (consultant) they have developed with high return future work that far exceeds the cost.

Steve Rosvold


Governance & Controls – structure and controls.

Transaction Recording – systems, transaction processing and closing the books.

Reporting - efficient, timely and accurate information for decision making and meeting compliance requirements.

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Business Planning - provide the financial roadmap for the company with supporting analytics.

Financial Forecasting - integrate the company’s current performance relative to budget with the real-time business environment.

Investment Analysis - the framework to analyze new opportunities as they present themselves.

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Cash Management - the discipline to ensure cash is available to operate the business normally.

Funding - Planning for and raising funds to meet the needs of the business.

Risk Management – Identification and mitigation of key business risks.

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Self-Awareness - Internal.

Team Building - External.

Strategy & Culture – Motivate people to follow you.

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Four Pillars of Executive Expertise

CFO.University is built around the Four Pillars of CFO Success. These Pillars are supported with Core Competencies. Our framework allows you to master your role as a senior financial officer. The Four Pillars are made up of:

Accounting – Governance & Controls, Transaction Recording and Reporting

Finance – Business Planning, Financial Forecasting and Investment Analysis

Treasury – Cash Management, Funding (Capital Raising) and Risk Management

Leadership – Self Awareness, Team Building and Strategy & Culture

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