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Governance & Controls – structure and controls.

Transaction Recording – systems, transaction processing and closing the books.

Reporting - efficient, timely and accurate information for decision making and meeting compliance requirements.

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Business Planning - provide the financial roadmap for the company with supporting analytics.

Financial Forecasting - integrate the company’s current performance relative to budget with the real-time business environment.

Investment Analysis - the framework to analyze new opportunities as they present themselves.

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Cash Management - the discipline to ensure cash is available to operate the business normally.

Funding - Planning for and raising funds to meet the needs of the business.

Risk Management – Identification and mitigation of key business risks.

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Self-Awareness - Internal.

Team Building - External.

Strategy & Culture – Motivate people to follow you.

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Four Pillars of Executive Expertise

CFO.University is built around the Four Pillars of CFO Success. These Pillars are supported with Core Competencies. Our framework allows you to master your role as a senior financial officer. The Four Pillars are made up of:

Accounting – Governance & Controls, Transaction Recording and Reporting

Finance – Business Planning, Financial Forecasting and Investment Analysis

Treasury – Cash Management, Funding (Capital Raising) and Risk Management

Leadership – Self Awareness, Team Building and Strategy & Culture

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Boost Your Career By Solving This Problem For Your CEO

Movie marathons, holiday parties and star gazing by a campfire are worthy pursuits for staying up late and waking up tired. Worrying about work doesn’t qualify as a good reason for sleepless nights.

If your CEO is awake at night worrying about work, there is a good chance it’s due to one of the reasons in the following paragraphs. Recognizing and resolving them can give a big boost to your career.

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Steve Rosvold

Is CFO.University a Fit for Me? - (01:48)

So now paint me a better picture, because I’m not sure I understand exactly how CFO.University works. How do you get involved with CFO.University?

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Raw Materials: Are You “Buying Right”?

A few years ago a drought in Brazil caused a surge in coffee prices, affecting businesses a world away catering to latte-loving crowds. As the cost of coffee beans doubled, Starbucks was able to maintain its profitability—without raising prices—because it had locked in a year’s worth of supply at pre-drought prices. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters wasn’t as lucky; rising costs threatened its ability to turn a profit. Situations like this highlight the fluctuating nature of raw material prices - and the importance of “buying right.” This is especially true when a large portion of your raw material is made up of a commodity; for example, metals, energy, grain or coffee beans.

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Steve Rosvold

Leading and Developing Your People

Katharine Halpin, a former CPA who uses simple and practical methods to bring out the best in other people, teaches how accountability and alignment are the keys to creating a great culture in this episode of CFO Talk. She shares the 9 habits required to be a strategic leader in addition to other valuable stories during this 18 minute episode.

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Katharine Halpin