CFO Talk: Data Analytics for Finance Leaders with Prashanth Southekal

In this CFO Talk Steve invites Data Analytics expert Prashanth Southekal to share his expertise on an area of growing importance to the CFO, Data Analytics. Prashanth’s crisp, lesson-filled answers squarely address Data Analytics from the CFO and business leaders perspective in eye popping fashion. I encourage you to have a word document open and your keyboard ready throughout this interview. There is a lot to be learned.

Here are some of the questions Prashanth addressed during his CFO Talk:

  • How do you define Data Analytics and why should business leaders be embracing the discipline?
  • What are the highest return applications or projects in the Data Analytics space today?
  • How should CFOs be using Data Analytics?
  • When we last spoke you showed me an example of using Data Analytics to improve the Cash Conversion Cycle. Would explain more about that initiative?
  • From the perspective of the CFO, can you give us some tips on how to create a valuable Data Analytics capability for their companies?
  • If you could give any message to CFOs about Data Analytics what would it be?

Prashanth has written two book on analytics you may find interesting and useful in your quest to build a culture of data driven decision making at your company: Data for Business Performance and Analytics Best Practices

You can read an edited, three part transcript of Prashanth’s CFO talk starting here, CFO Talk: Data Analytics for Finance Leaders with Prashanth Southekal

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