Treasury Courses

One of the Defining Attributes of a Successful CFO: Treasury

Our third installment of Defining a Successful CFO covers the “Show Me the Money!” attribute, Treasury. This key pillar of the CFO function provides the fuel and discipline to manage and grow a company’s capital base.

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Cash Management

Cash Management I: Introduction to Cash Management

This course teaches the fundamental elements of sound cash management. It’s not rocket science but it is crucial to creating a well functioning Treasury Pillar.

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Funding I: Introduction to Funding

A major step for any business is to receive outside funds and the obligations that the liability creates. This course lays the groundwork for preparing to take on third party investment.

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Risk Management

Risk Management I: Introduction to Risk Management

Much like the baton exchange described between Accounting and Finance, Governance and Risk Management are deeply connected with the actions of one having an impact on the other. This introductory course will frame Risk Management in a manner that will enhance your ability manage and communicate it effectively.

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