For CFO.University Members

For CFO.University Members
CFO Readiness Assessment

Below are few easy steps CFO.University Members can take to capture even more value from your investment in CFO.University:

1. Take the CFO Readiness Assessment™ and receive instant feedback on which CFO Pillar(s) of Success to target for your development.

CFO.University developed the CFO Readiness Assessment™ to measure the four primary proficiencies that drive the success of Chief Financial Officers. We call these the Four Pillars of CFO Success. Each pillar is further broken down into a number of core competencies, which are also included in the assessment.

2. Use the results of your CFO Readiness Assessment to capture some Instant Wins by enrolling in the courses and using our tools that will impact your CFO Readiness the most. See Point 3 below for some suggested courses and tools.

Click here for a 60 second run down on The Four Pillars of CFO Success

For a more in depth understanding of the four pillars grab our e-book by clicking on the The Four Pillars of CFO Success.


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3. Select your development path.

Here are preselected bundles for each Pillar to streamline your search.


Course: Introduction to Team Building

Tool: People Process and Systems Assessment

Course: Introduction to Strategic Leadership


Course: Introduction to Reporting

Tool: Financial Close Assessment

Course: Introduction to the Financial Closing Process


Course: Introduction to Planning

Tool: Capital Investment Analysis Request Form

Course: Introduction to Investment Analysis


Course: Introduction to Cash Management

Tool: 13 Week Cash Forecast Tool

Course: Introduction to Funding

4. Use your ‘Member Code’ when registering for each course or accessing each tool to receive the special Member price.

5. Other ways to Leverage CFO.University in Your Career Development

Thank you for being a Member of CFO.University!

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t deeply dedicated to your professional development. We wouldn’t be here if we couldn’t help you achieve your career goals.


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Identify your path to CFO success by taking our CFO Readiness Assessmentᵀᴹ.

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