Is Self Service Reporting the First Step To the AI Transformation In Finance?

Predictive analytics has been revolutionized by the advances in artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI). Using AI in various forecasting and predicting processes within an organization has become less expensive and more effective. But finance has been slow to incorporate AI into its procedures. Comfort in our historical reporting role, lack of access to the right data, among other things, could be factors in this latency.

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Boost Your Career By Solving This Problem For Your CEO

Movie marathons, Zoom parties and star gazing by a campfire are worthy pursuits for staying up late and waking up tired. Worrying about work doesn’t qualify as a good reason for sleepless nights.

If your CEO is awake at night worrying about work, there is a good chance it’s due to one of the reasons in the following paragraphs. Recognizing and resolving them can give a big boost to your career.

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