Spotlight: Basics of cash flow management

Analyses of private market performance tend to focus on how the General Partner (GP) generates returns—and understandably so. But while selecting top-tier managers and funds is paramount, the treatment of uncalled capital is also critical when evaluating the total return of a private market allocation, which is what truly matters to investors. A Limited Partner’s (LP’s) decision to commit to a fund often comes several years before that capital is ever transferred to the GP to be invested. This creates a challenge for LPs, who must balance the need to meet capital calls with the desire to maximize return.

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The Changing Role of a CFO

Gianluca Bisceglie is the Founder & CEO at Visyond. He started his career with Vodafone in technology and strategy, has been a Partner in buyout firm and taught at the London School of Business and Antwerp Management School. Gianluca holds an MEng in Electronics Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) and an MBA with Distinction from London Business School.

Mr. Bisceglie responds to a couple questions on the changing role of the CFO.

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