Sales Analysis: The Incredible Opportunity For Finance!

Depending upon what study you look at, most of the time in sales is spent on administrative tasks instead of being in front of customers. Given that the lifeblood of a company is the revenue that our customers so generously give to us, it is amazing that so little time is spent on helping sales teams be more efficient at generating revenue. CRMs are fantastic tools for gathering data on customer and sales rep activities, but organizations spend very little time in providing meaningful information to help sales teams be more effective.

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The “Business CFO”

Anand Soni shared a few of his insights regarding the changing role of the CFO in this CFO Talk – The “Business CFO”.

He explains the changes in the role over the past 5 years and how that change seems to be accelerating. The roles of compliance and reporting aren’t going away, while the strategic and commercial aspects of the role keep growing.

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A Three Part Managerial Cost Accounting Lecture

For many accountants there is confusion and a lack of consensus with how to allocate costs to products and service lines. I refer to this as “a mystery in a box to accountants”. To solve this mystery here are three lectures to accounting professionals and students from a skilled and experienced accountant – me – that explains the problem and how to solve it. Even if you believe you have already ‘graduated’ from a “Cost Accounting” course in college or have a CPA, I encourage you to sit in the back of our virtual lecture hall and audit these three lectures.

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