CFO Talk:  Human Capital and Its impact on Business Valuation

In this episode of CFO Talk, we explore talent and its impact on business valuation.

Our two distinguished guests, Dave Bookbinder and Mark Iorio, thrive in the human capital and business valuation space. We cover what key mistakes leaders make with stakeholders that destroys corporate value; what are some common and effective remedies to improve low employee engagement; how can finance leaders help their business capture the full potential of their human capital; and what the NEW ROI is.


1 Examples of statistical references highlighting how employee engagement improves profitability.

The Benefits of Employee Engagement - Gartner Updated article January 7, 2023

10 Timely Statistics About The Connection Between Employee Engagement And Wellness - Forbes January 16, 2019

Developing and Sustaining Employee Engagement - SHRM Date undisclosed

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