Victor’s 10 Reflections on Leadership - 4. Raise intensity and clarity to drive accountability

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Welcome to CFO talk. I’m your host, Steve Rosvold, Chief Learning Officer at CFO.University. Joining us from Wichita, Kansas today is Victor Ojeleye to discuss another of his 10 Reflections on Leadership.

In this section he elaborates on how raising intensity and clarity can help drive accountability. I’m really curious to hear more about this reflection.

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Steve, I’m a big fan of the Kansas Leadership Center, I have a friend there. His name is Ed O’Malley who co-wrote a book called Your Leadership Edge. The book describes a principle called Raise the Heat. As I went through some of their courses, I learned each of us individually has to experiment with how to become our best self and drive accountability. I’ve gotten feedback at times that I might be too nice and in certain situations I may want to change my approach.

I recently inherited a scorecard that had some yellows and some reds and some greens, as we’re driving forward some key initiatives. There had been some slippage on certain things that needed to be delivered by certain dates and there was pressure from the business or leadership that certain things had to get done sooner than initially planned. Accordingly, I’ve had to adapt my style and create a balance of being tough on issues but being good to people. That’s something I continue to work through.

And Kansas Leadership Center’s principle of Raising the Heat - being firm - is not a bad thing, right? We all want to get things done. But we also need to be accountable for our own actions, including how we deliver against the promises we make. I’m working through how to raise accountability and figure out how to be a strong communicator, so I convey the right level of accountability. Knowing my commitments are coming from a good place and well intentioned is an important step on in developing this reflection. I’m on a journey learning how to improve this one.

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That wraps up this video short taken from our longer interview with Victor, Reflections on Leadership. CFO.University is a community of member scholars, companies and trusted advisors committed to the professional development of chief financial officers. Learn more about us at CFO.University.

Until next time, Enjoy. Learn. Engage.

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