CFO Talk: People Focused Finance with Kevyn Rustici

​Kevyn and Steve discuss how a strong relationship between finance and human resources is value creating for our businesses.

Kevyn encourages leaders to develop a strategic view of talent centered on professional development where success is measured in terms of quantifiable performance improvement. An added bonus, recruiting and retention are also enhanced through strong professional development programs.

Enjoy the CFO Talk.

Below are some related concepts we think you will appreciate.

1. Human Capital Statements which focus on measurement standards related to talent. Read more about human capital statements here.

2. CFO.University developed the Cost of Employee Turnover Calculator to help you benchmark the cost of employee turnover at your business. The tool includes a section that quantifies the financial benefit of reducing employee turnover at your company.

3. Our somewhat controversial, but enlightening, Human Resource Department Return on Investment Model

4. Here is a link to the Deloitte article Kevyn mentioned in the CFO Talk, Disrupting the CHRO: Following in the CFO’s footsteps

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