Leadership Courses

One of the Defining Attributes of a Successful CFO: Leadership

Leadership seems to be one of those traits defined by “You know it, when you see it.” I have met a CFO who was the brightest lightbulb in the room but could not lead their business to the light switch. I have also met a CFO who didn’t seem to work that hard and wasn’t a rocket scientist but was able to move mountains in their job. Why could one get things done while the other struggled? Leadership.

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Self-Awareness I: Introduction to Self-Awareness

Exploring the various elements of self-awareness to discover what it means to be self-aware, reflect on current level of awareness and begin to discover your gaps to address.

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Self Awareness II: Intermediate Self Awareness

This course provides practical applications from the introductory course to help you improve your performance at work and in other aspects of your life.

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Team Building

Team Building I: Introduction to Team Building

This fundamental course on team building will tackle why teams are important, how to form teams and avoid key pitfalls in the team building process.

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Human Capital Management, Measurement, and ROI of Engagement.

The Enterprise Engagement Alliance has created the first formal learning and certification program on Human Capital Management, Measurement, Employee Engagement ROI, and Compliance. The course designed for chief financial officers and other finance leaders is being offered exclusively at CFO.University. This new course is focused specifically on the needs of the CFOs and other finance leaders seeking to understand the basic principles involved with managing, measuring, and reporting on all aspects of human capital and employee engagement.

The EEA course addresses the value generated by human capital and the methods used to better manage and measure human capital management initiatives, from culture, coaching, and talent management, to learning, communication, rewards and recognition programs, diversity, innovation, job design, and more. The course covers anticipating the growing pressures from investors, as well coming disclosure requirements, human capital risks factors, ethics management, and opportunities for safe harbor protections through adherence to recognized human capital management and employee engagement practices.

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Strategy and Culture

Strategic Leadership I: Introduction to Strategic Leadership

This course builds on the other two core competencies in the Leadership Pillar with emphasis on building sustainable organizations.

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