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One of the Defining Attributes of a Successful CFO: Leadership

Leadership seems to be one of those traits defined by “You know it, when you see it.” I have met a CFO who was the brightest lightbulb in the room but could not lead their business to the light switch. I have also met a CFO who didn’t seem to work that hard and wasn’t a rocket scientist but was able to move mountains in their job. Why could one get things done while the other struggled? Leadership.

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Core Competencies


The way we see ourselves is going to be different than the way others view us. Narrowing that gap is a huge step to improving relationships and expanding your influence. Think about all the time that could be saved resolving issues if we could perfectly describe them, have all parties perfectly understand them and resolve them in perfect harmony. We are individuals seeing the world and ourselves through our lens. If we aren’t capable of seeing part of it through the lens of others, we are going to live in a pretty small space.

Team Building

Building trust and creating a safe space for members of a group to practice and refine their discipline is foundational to developing a well-functioning team. That doesn’t mean all is harmonious. In fact, contention is a requirement for real learning and growth. An effective leader helps the team debate and learn in a respectful, benign atmosphere.

Strategy & Culture

Corporate executives have many ways to motivate their workforce. To truly inspire an organization requires a vision and communication that rallies folks behind a common cause. We may not be called on to be the leader of creating the cause at the companies and organization we serve but to reach the Strategic level of leadership, we must understand our purpose and champion it. Know why your company exists. And use that knowledge to lead.

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Self-Awareness I: Introduction to Self-Awareness

Exploring the various elements of self-awareness to discover what it means to be self-aware, reflect on current level of awareness and begin to discover your gaps to address.

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Self Awareness II: Intermediate Self Awareness

This course provides practical applications from the introductory course to help you improve your performance at work and in other aspects of your life.

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Team Building

Team Building I: Introduction to Team Building

This fundamental course on team building will tackle why teams are important, how to form teams and avoid key pitfalls in the team building process.

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Strategy and Culture

Strategic Leadership I: Introduction to Strategic Leadership

This course builds on the other two core competencies in the Leadership Pillar with emphasis on building sustainable organizations.

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