CFO Talk - Leading Teams While Improving Self with Victor Ojeleye

Joining Steve on CFO Talk is Victor Ojeleye, Group FP&A and Reporting Manager at Cargill. In this episode they dive into the transformative world of leadership and personal growth.

Victor shares his compelling insights on the parallels between sports mentality and business leadership. With a focus on the criticality of short-term memory and a philosophy rooted in continuous improvement, his approach to leadership exemplifies resilience and adaptability.

Throughout our conversation, Victor emphasizes the power of cultivating good habits, embracing note-taking, and engaging his team in the journey of setting priorities for collective advancement. He openly talks about his own professional development plan, which strategically includes perpetual learning, uncovering passion, and leveraging past experiences to finesse his skill set.

Victor reveals the intimate link between wellbeing and peak performance, highlighting his integration of yoga and mindful coaching into regular practice. We also shed light on how active involvement and participatory leadership can translate into truly empowered teams.

Expect to gain valuable wisdom on how to embody leadership that resonates with both head and heart, as Victor discusses balancing excellence with emotional intelligence, all while maintaining the humility to grow through mentorship and feedback.

This episode is a treasure trove for any financial leader seeking to lead more effectively while also nurturing their personal development. So tune in and discover how Victor Ojeleye’s experiences can inspire your leadership evolution here on CFO TALKS.

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