CFO TALK - Managing Transformational Change with Nilly Essaides

In this episode of CFO Talk, Nilly Essaides, Managing Director of Research & Insight at NeuGroup, and Steve discuss the evolving role of the CFO and the finance function in the face of the transformational change taking place in their businesses.

Nilly recently published research on the topic (link below) and shares insights from the study on this episode of CFO Talk.

Nilly highlights that this transformation is not confined to finance alone but impacts the whole business, necessitating a holistic approach. Companies like General Mills use the term “capability building” to emphasize people development and the ongoing nature of change.

Their dialogue also highlights the essential collaboration between finance and HR departments, particularly for change management and talent development. CFOs play a crucial role in this process by leading change, allocating budgets, and fostering inter-departmental collaboration for the transformation, effective forecasting and performance improvement.

You can find the details of Nilly’s research here,

Transform. By. Building. Capabilities.

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