Victor’s 10 Reflections on Leadership - 2. Invest the time in individual growth that adds to team success

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Welcome to CFO talk. I’m your host, Steve Rosvold, Chief Learning Officer at CFO.University. Joining us from Wichita, Kansas today is Victor Ojeleye to discuss one of his 10 Reflections on Leadership.

The second reflection I want to ask you about is Invest the Time In Individual Growth That Adds To Team Success. What does that mean to you and would you share a couple examples with us?

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Yeah, Steve, I will. The first example is at work. Over the last few months, I’ve realized that the individuals on my team learn and contribute differently. And one of the things that I’ve tried to do is figure out what are the different ways I can connect with and invest in helping everyone be successful. So, what I realize is that some of my teammates need brainstorming, some of my teammates need prioritization, and some of them don’t need as much involvement in their work. Some of them just need guidance, or someone to bounce ideas off of. Knowing this, helps our whole team be collectively better. And I’ve really continued to work on how can I help my team be successful. Some of it is just being present, letting them look at my example, communicating to them how they should be performing, how they can help drive our culture and really just inspiring the team from my own example.

The second example is coaching, eight-year-old girls basketball at the YMCA, which is really fun. And I’ve spent quite a bit of time on Sundays before practice working with some of the players who have skills they want to work on. What I found is whether they’re new to basketball, or more advanced than others, that time we spend shooting layups shooting free throws, teaching principles, has collectively over two seasons now, one in the fall and one this winter, has helped us get better. I am seeing it translate to the court. So it’s been really cool to see how investing the time in individuals then contributes to team success.

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What a great thing to learn at a young age. I wish somebody would have given me that advice 25 years ago. The individual is so important and your team is what makes you successful. That investment is really important and making it priority will make you a better leader. That wraps up this video short taken from our longer interview with Victor, Reflections on Leadership. CFO.University is a community of member scholars, companies and trusted advisors committed to the professional development of chief financial officers. Learn more about us at CFO.University.

Until next time, Enjoy. Learn. Engage.

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