Get Help Marketing to Enhance your Growth - (01:46)

Tips to Get Off on the Right Foot with Your CFO Consulting Practice

In an interview with Terry White, Steve Rosvold shares useful tips he picked up with KRM Business Solutions, a CFO services business he ran before launching CFO.University. The tips include building your network, marketing for recovering accountants and some comparisons between joining a firm or starting your own practice.

Get Help Marketing to Enhance your Growth

Steve Rosvold 0:00 Twenty-two years within the corporate world with finance and accounting roles, I had little sales skills. I developed communication skills, and relationship skills. But as far as trying to sell you a product or a service, it’s an important skill I didn’t have. So understanding that hiring a marketing person, somebody who can teach you that, is really important to finance professionals who focus on consulting. .

Steve Rosvold 0:18 So back to , how do you get started in consulting? There’s a network, there’s a product, and then there’s, “How do I make people aware of the product?”

Steve Rosvold 0:25I’ve certainly used a number of people along the way, who have really helped guide the marketing and the face of what I want to show people, and how I want to enter the problem solving realm that I do for them. I couldn’t do that by myself

Steve Rosvold 0:38 That wasn’t my thing. I wanted to go fix problems. But you have to find people who have problems you can fix. That was beyond my skill set, for sure.

Steve Rosvold 0:47 But as far as how that whole marketing piece comes together, I think everyone kind of follows their own way. Look for referrals. You can get uncomfortable. There’s a guy that I’ve met recently in the UK, and he’s scared terribly of speaking. Not terribly, but he’s a real introvert, and what he has done is he’s created a podcast to get over that. And it’s very successful. Really good. He does a great job interviewing people. Does a good job, but when he told me, “That frightens me to do this,” he did it specifically because he knew that was a growth area he needed to be able towork on. . That’s something, challenge yourself to do things you might be uncomfortable doing, but you know will help you reach your goal.

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