The Challenge a Consultant Has Building the Team - (01:21)

Tips to Get Off on the Right Foot with Your CFO Consulting Practice

In an interview with Terry White, Steve Rosvold shares useful tips he picked up with KRM Business Solutions, a CFO services business he ran before launching CFO.University. The tips include building your network, marketing for recovering accountants and some comparisons between joining a firm or starting your own practice.

The Challenge a Consultant Has Building the Team

Steve Rosvold 0:00 The part about being a consultant that I struggle with is that you’re never quite on the team. You’re always a little bit of an outsider, and I think some of that’s changing in the last few years. But you’re looked at a little differently and not quite on the team, that’s what I miss the most about leaving the corporate world, was you instantly had a team. When you come in as a consultant you’re continually building teams

Terry White 0:23 Outside are kind of interesting. Do you get this guys coming in to tell everybody what I’m doing wrong?

Steve Rosvold 0:29 It depends upon the culture of the company. A company that hasn’t done that, or if they’re struggling, people are worried about their jobs. But I haven’t run into that in a tremendous way. It’s more that you have to prove yourself. If they haven’t met you. And you’re taking on a pretty senior role, and companies having a little trouble, you know, there’s a lot of expectations. People want you to succeed. Like anything else, you have to earn their trust and their commitment. The other side of this is building teams is exhausting. Making sure you’re not losing people as you enter that new gig. Bringing people along and being able to utilize their potential. Earning trust – those are the keys to building a team.

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