CFO Talk: Pricing Excellence and the CFO with Lynn Guinn

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In this edition of CFO Talk Steve interviews a special guest from Wichita, Kansas, Lynn Guinn. Lynn is a seasoned business leader with a diverse background in accounting, operations, and trading. With his extensive academic background in finance, accounting, and agricultural economics, and advanced degrees in strategy and innovation, Lynn has built an impressive career.

Currently, Lynn serves as the strategic global pricing leader at Cargill, one of the largest privately held companies in the world.

In this episode, we delve into the topic of pricing excellence and its vital role in the CFO’s toolkit.

Historically, CFOs and finance leaders have primarily focused on items below the revenue line of the P&L, but pricing is increasingly becoming a key area where their strategic contributions are needed. As an expert in pricing, Lynn shares his insights and experiences, offering valuable lessons and takeaways for our audience and the broader business community.

Before we dive into pricing strategy, Lynn takes us on a journey through his own career, starting with his finance roots and eventually branching out into different areas within Cargill. His varied experiences across operations, international operations, trading, and strategy have given him a unique perspective on how pricing impacts different aspects of a business. Lynn’s current role as the strategic pricing in Cargill’s Center of Excellence demonstrates his deep expertise in the field.

As we explore the topic of pricing, Lynn challenges the traditional mindset of relying solely on Cost Plus pricing. While Cost Plus may be the simplest approach, Lynn emphasizes that it may not be the most profitable or strategic pricing strategy. Instead, he advocates for a holistic approach that includes customer segmentation and understanding the value delivered to customers. Lynn highlights the importance of constantly evaluating and managing the pricing portfolio to optimize profitability and maximize the value of the organization.

Throughout the conversation, Lynn shares insights on customer segmentation and how it plays a crucial role in crafting a successful pricing policy. He explains how Cargill uses segmentation to understand the value customers seek and need from the company, considering factors like product attributes, competition, regionality, and ordering preferences. By leveraging both qualitative and quantitative measures, Cargill ensures that they are serving customers in the most meaningful way possible.

Join us as we unravel the complexities of pricing excellence and gain valuable insights from Lynn’s extensive experience in the field. Whether you are a CFO, finance leader, or simply interested in the world of pricing, this episode is sure to provide valuable takeaways and practical strategies for enhancing pricing effectiveness in your organization.

This isn’t simply a CFO Talk episode; it’s a masterclass in business growth and success.

Enjoy this CFO Talk with Lynn Guinn and don’t forget to visit our CFO Talk vault on CFO.University,

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