Using The Impact Equation to Grow

As the CFO role evolves and expands, holders of the position are being required to have more impact on their organizations.

The role is moving toward more proactive leadership. This shift is moving CFOs
• from Facts Only to Future focused
• from Cost reducer to Value creator and
• from a Compliance mentality to a Strategic mindset

That is why the team at CFO.University found the model developed by Chris Brogen and Julien Stanwell Smith The Impact Equation compelling and worth sharing.

Learn about the 6 components of Impact and how you can improve them to grow.

The 9 minute video below includes examples for finance leaders and the Impact Score Assessment template, a tool to aid you in expanding your impact.

For a complementary piece on growing your influence watch this CFO Talk with Gary C. Laney, The Power of Strategic Influence.

Impact = C.R.E.A.T.E.

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