The Importance of Building Your Network and Finding Your Niche - (01:09)

Tips to Get Off on the Right Foot with Your CFO Consulting Practice

In an interview with Terry White, Steve Rosvold shares useful tips he picked up with KRM Business Solutions, a CFO services business he ran before launching CFO.University. The tips include building your network, marketing for recovering accountants and some comparisons between joining a firm or starting your own practice.

The Importance of Building Your Network and Finding Your Niche

Terry White 0:00 You come out of this big corporate world, and then you decide, “I want to do consulting.” I’m curious, how do you build that model? What is that model?

Steve Rosvold 0:08 Think about your network. Think about how you relate to people, and how you build your network. After 22 years in the corporate world, I had very little context besides bankers, CPA firms, and my internal work network, you know, Cargill was 155,000 people. I had a whole network within Cargill. But once I left, that network just evaporated.

Steve Rosvold 0:27 Make yourself build a trusted network where you feel comfortable,. That’s the first thing. The second thing is, have an expertise that you feel really comfortable with. So, finding the right network and your expertise makes it easier to sell. If you can build a network and define your expertise -that niche you own in the market, those are two big steps to take. It took me a long time to build my consulting network, but I had a pretty good feeling of what I did well.

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