Is CFO.University a Fit for Me? - (01:48)

Is CFO.University a Good Fit for Your Professional Development?

Our series of short videos shot with Terry White will help you learn the various ways CFO.University can help you and your business, how our professional development model works and how it has evolved since its early roots. They also cover some key relationships that can drive a successful career as CFO.

Is CFO.University a Fit for Me?

Terry White 0:00 So now paint me a better picture, because I’m not sure I understand exactly how CFO.University works. How do you get involved with CFO.University?

Steve Rosvold 0:10 One of the first things I do in my marketing efforts, is to make sure I’m aligned with the Scholars and the way they think about what a CFO role is. So, part of our outreach is, do you believe that the CFO role has an accounting aspect, a finance aspect, a treasury aspect, and the leadership aspect? If they think, “Well, no, I think it has some other things,” they might not be a good fit for our learning model. And so that’s one thing - helping them understand what we think is important in the CFO role.

Steve Rosvold 0:38 And then if they do say, “Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, I get what you’re saying.” We have core competencies under each of those pillars that are well accepted—I’ve never had anyone argue with me about them—that’s the first part.

Steve Rosvold 0:49 Then I can test them. So, we have an assessment that helps them understand how their skills and their background fits into those Pillars. And once they’ve done that, they can say, “I can focus on my learning, my development in these areas,” and they can use CFO.University from that, or they can do something else. At least they have a groundwork to say, “Ah, number one, I have a framework to develop, and now where do I go get that development?”

Steve Rosvold 1:13 And our model is based on practical, convenient, performance enhancing and its economic. We’re not trying to compete with the MBA schools and we’re not trying to do internal training for General Motors or Google. We’re trying to give practical, so it’s small, bite sized pieces of really good learning that relates to these four pillars. If people buy into that, and that’s the way they want to learn, then I think we’ve got a really nice platform for them to develop their CFO skills.

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