A Message to Business Owners and CEOs: Test Drive a CFO to Find Your Next Gear - (00:48)

Is CFO.University a Good Fit for Your Professional Development?

Our series of short videos shot with Terry White will help you learn the various ways CFO.University can help you and your business, how our professions development model works and how it has evolved since its early roots. They also cover some key relationships that can drive a successful career as CFO.

A Message to Business Owners and CEOs: Test Drive a CFO to Find Your Next Gear

Steve Rosvold 0:00 So you’ve had a bookkeeper, and they’ve been very effective, and you think they’re all you need. And they do a good job. They do a good job in accounts payable and receivables or invoicing on time. To get your books closed, things like that. But they don’t give you much insight. Go test out a CFO, one of these part time CFOs just to see what the world’s like with somebody who’s a little bit higher skilled than your bookkeeper, your accounting manager. That’s actually an excellent idea just to get familiar with what those higher qualities can do for your business.

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