CFO Talk: The Power of Strategic Influence with Gary Laney

In this CFO Talk Gary helps us understand the importance of strategic influence and how to grow it.

He responds to the question, How do you get influence? this way. “Number one, you need to figure out how to get access to it. And number two, once you get access to it, how do you use that properly. So the person that gave it to you will want to let you use it again. Because people who have influence don’t want that reputation to be tarnished. They want it to be upheld, they want it to have a positive impact on them and you. So imagine someone says that means I can trust you, I’m gonna give you more opportunity to use my influence, which reflects well on them and you. From then on you begin to create your own influence, through reputation and through trust that people have in you. So influence is a progressive thing. It doesn’t happen all at once. It happens slowly, bit by bit over time, it might pick up speed, you build momentum. And all of a sudden you become a person of reputation, a person of influence.

Gary highlights his 6 spheres of influence and the 10 success factors that accompany them.

Enjoy this 25 minute CFO Talk on creating strategic influence.

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