The Best Complete Course Contributors

The Best Complete Course Contributors

This was a tie between Jeff VandenHoek, Self-Awareness I & II; Brad Eisenhuth, Career Management Courses; and Manoj Garg, Information Technology: A Case Study on Key Information Technology Themes and More.

Self-Awareness I: Introduction to Self-Awareness

Exploring the various elements of self-awareness to discover what it means to be self-aware, reflect on current level of awareness and begin to discover your gaps to address.

Self Awareness II: Intermediate Self Awareness

This course provides practical applications from the introductory course to help you improve your performance at work and in other aspects of your life.


Career Management I: Clarity

Your career is a very personal journey and while it is possible to be strategic and specific about particular functional skills that you need to develop to be ready hold a CFO role in the future, there is far more at stake when it comes to exploring career paths.


Information Technology: A Case Study on Key Information Technology Themes and More

This course is designed around the business novel “The Edge” by Manoj Garg and Mike Scheuerman. They pack the learning aspects of a text book into the format of a fast-paced novel. The book and follow up work will teach you key aspects for successful Information Technology management through the story and the Concepts Tutorial developed by the authors.


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