Another Pillar We Call “Other”

We recognize our Four Pillars of CFO Success have some key dependencies. That is why we created the Other section under Courses at CFO.University. These areas are important in their own right. Each one supports all Four Pillars of CFO Success. These areas are included in our Other Courses section and include; Human Resources, Technology/Digital Transformation and Career Management.

Human Resources: Our human resources courses are built around the key concepts of recruitment, talent development and retention.

We invite you to use our Human Resource Department Return Calculation Tool to start what we expect will be a lively discussion within your management team to answer the question: What is the ROI on your Human Resource Department?

Technology: One of our Digital Transformation course uses hands on learning exercises that focus on the 8 key concepts CFOs should be aware to effectively manage the technology function. The course was designed by technology leaders with CFOs in mind. We use the book, The Edge, by Manoj Garg and Mike Scheuerman as our text book. It makes the class fun. The exercises built around this class make it learning-filled. You will appreciate and learn from the time invested in our Technology course.

Our general technology course covers a myriad of information technology topics critical to CFO success, including; Evaluating technology investments, Integrating technology in mergers or acquisitions, Implementing ERP and large scale systems, Making Board presentations on technology, Business continuity planning and workbook, Managing cybersecurity risks.

We also offer a course that focuses on CFOs selecting and adopting new technologies improve insight, create efficiencies and delight customers. This course will help you navigate the digital transformation of the AFT (accounting, finance and treasury) with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and related technologies.

Career Management: Our career management course complements the CFO success courses found our Four Pillars. You will learn how to establish clarity in your career goals, see your performance through the eyes of others, grow your influence and develop a network that supports your career goals. You will enjoy the classes designed with Brad Eisenhuth, author of CFgrOw, and you’ll use all parts of this course throughout your career.

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