How CFO.University Evolved - (02:11)

Is CFO.University a Good Fit for Your Professional Development?

Our series of short videos shot with Terry White will help you learn the various ways CFO.University can help you and your business, how our professions development model works and how it has evolved since its early roots. They also cover some key relationships that can drive a successful career as CFO.

How CFO.University Evolved

Terry White 0:00 Is there a step between that and CFO.University?

Steve Rosvold 0:21 I was hired on as a CFO to number of different companies on a part time or interim basis, a lot of them. I really enjoy working with CEOs and CFOs as more of a mentoring role. It wasn’t about not doing the work or doing the work, I’m a hard worker and I have no problem doing the work, but it is about helping a CEO to understand what important financial issues they should be focusing on. I enjoyed the mentoring part and the development of those professionals. So there was a time where I’ve moved into mentoring role over the past six or seven years, I kept saying, I’m going to build these apps, I’ve got these applications that are really snappy. They’re easy to use. They’re quick and give a lot of insight. And I’m going to make apps out of these, and I kept saying this at meetings, and people kept saying, “Well, come on, where’s your apps?” And when I really looked into it, I found out they’re very expensive. Very expensive.

Terry White 0:51 You didn’t actually have the apps, you had ideas for apps.

Steve Rosvold 0:54 Yeah spreadsheets, things like that. But I really enjoyed the insight I could bring from taking a very big issue and distilling into very simple terms. And so, I had a number of what I thought were incredible applications, but they’re going to be very expensive to produce

Steve Rosvold 1:08 To back up,10 or 12 years ago, I ran a forum for manufacturing executives. So, I would meet with manufacturers. We’d go through real good programs. I absolutely loved it, but I could never scale it. It could never get big enough. So, I turned it around this time for CFO.University and said, hey, if I build the platform first, and the learning tools, and then eventually I’d like to get into where we can meet. But right now, it’s really an internet site for learning. And it came out of this idea of applications that I think are pretty useful and pretty enlightening. I have always enjoyed the mentoring part. So, combining the development tools and mentoring we created this platform CFO.University to help people grow and develop as senior financial executives.

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