Dave Bookbinder
Executive Director of Valuation Services at Haefele Flanagan

Known as a collaborative consultant, Dave serves client companies of all sizes and industries in the area of valuation advisory. Working closely with business owners, CFOs, Controllers, CEOs and their trusted advisers, Dave strives to build relationships that add value for the long term.

Dave has conducted valuations of the securities and intangible assets of public and private companies for various purposes including M&A, financial reporting, stock-based compensation, exit strategy, and strategic planning. Among the many types of intellectual property and intangible assets that Dave has valued are human capital assets (people!).

Dave believes that people really are an organization’s most valuable asset and is the author of two best-selling books, The NEW ROI: Return on Individuals and The NEW ROI: Return on Individuals- Going Behind the Numbers, which explore the impact that people have on the value of a business.

It’s an axiom in business that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Business performance, business valuation - it’s all managed by the numbers. While Dave has spent a great deal of time ‘inside’ the numbers, he has learned that the real stories and lessons-learned occur ‘behind the numbers.’ Dave hosts a talk show called Behind The Numbers where he and his guests discuss what matters most in business.

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