CFO Talk: HOT MESS? DUMPSTER FIRE? TRAIN WRECK? You Still Have to Conduct Year-End Reviews with Julie Winkle Giulioni

In this CFO Talk, Julie Winkle Giulioni provides all kinds of great advice and even a Guide to help managers and employees navigate this very important year end activity.

Performing employee reviews and professional development plans at the end of a year where so much has gone wrong may make you worry the meeting will be uncomfortable, contentious and demotivating. Julie turns that thinking upside down and demonstrates how new models and ways of approaching this topic will make the review a great lead in to 2021. Learn how balancing grace and accountability will leave employees “feeling grounded and clear, yet supported and motivated to perform to the best of their abilities in the future.”

She cautions that “putting this off until we can meet face to face” is folly and explains how taking this responsibility head on will pay dividends to employees, managers and the company. Best of all she provides a really useful guide to help you and employees make the year end review a great start to 2021.

Watch the interview below that includes Julie’s lessons that are packed with insight and find Julie’s 2020 Employee Performance and Development Review Guide for Leaders here.

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