Are CFOs from Mars, and CMOs from Venus? Part II - Mastering Marketing Fundamentals

Let’s start by addressing what marketing is and how it’s evolving. It’s first of all, a collection of disciplines, not just one or two activities. Many people think of marketing as being advertising, the website, brochures, trade show events and associated trinkets. I would encourage you to think of marketing as a collection of interrelated activities that:

  • Attracts the kind of buyers a company wants to have as customers,
  • Entices them to take note of the company and quickly learn why it can meet their needs like no other,
  • Provides them with a path, enriched with experiences and content that accelerates their journey towards becoming a customer, and
  • Finally, ensures their delight after the purchase to the extent they want to advocate, via word-of-mouth their positive experience to other potential buyers.

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