Brad Eisenhuth
Founder & CEO - The Outperformer

Brad is the Founder and CEO of the award-winning team at The Outperformer. A passionate consultant to the CFO, accounting and finance space for 15 years, this business was designed to raise the performance bar of finance relative to the rapidly changing landscape facing the profession.

The team now offers solutions across career management and executive coaching, business partnership, leadership and finance culture programs, financial modelling & decision support; all provided under The Outperformer’s unique Co-Design model which was awarded Education & Training Program of the Year in 2018. His role has him working with experts in the field across the world and playing a lead role in the design of large scale programs with clients of The Outperformer.

Always dedicated and curious about the accounting and finance community, Brad wrote and published the popular book “CFgrOw: Staying in the driver’s seat on the path to CFO” (published in 2015), which became recommended reading by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He has also featured in the Australian Finance Review, Acuity magazine, Shortlist and other publications for his views and research on the accounting and finance profession, and regularly sought out to speak at conferences and events related to careers and the future of finance.

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