Jeff VandenHoek
Intentionality, LLC

Over 26 years experience in leadership and program development, including business and leadership development coaching/consulting, higher education administration/teaching and nonprofit leadership. Experiential teacher inspired by collaboratively helping individuals and organizations get better through purposeful intention, building trust and increasing a positive impact in their organizations and all of life. Jeff specializes in supporting and facilitating:

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments & Coaching
  • High Impact Leadership Development & Influence - Leadership Coaching
  • New Team Formation & Development
  • Embracing Difficult, Imperative Conversations (conflict)
  • Trust Development (with self, others and teams)
  • ‘Simplexity’ - Blending the Complex with the Simple and keeping it Simple
  • Communication Strategies - Organizational & Individual
  • Creativity and Ideation - Product Development and Process
  • Organization Development & Behavior

Jeff is a life long learner, attempting to capture the meaning from experiences where ever they occur. He loves watching people, listening to their stories and celebrating all of life that is lived. He is passionate about music (both consuming and performing). He is in love with his wife of 30 years and 3 children ages 26, 23 and 17. For Jeff….Life is full. Life is good. Life is Messy. Life is beautiful.

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