Self-Awareness I: Introduction to Self-Awareness

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Exploring the various elements of self-awareness to discover what it means to be self-aware, reflect on current level of awareness and begin to discover your gaps to address.


The articles for each course are rich in different perspectives. Contributors are experts in this area. Write down at least 2 critical points from each article and use them to build robust discussions with your Member-Scholar peers at CFO.University.

CFO Ed Talksᵀᴹ

These videos are being created as part of our CFO EdTalksᵀᴹ series. Professionals in diverse areas share their expertise in a conversational yet content rich style we use at CFO.University. Warning: Once you have seen this one you will have an urge to wander off course to watch the rest of the CFO EdTalksᵀᴹ.

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Videos and Webinars have been curated to deliver learning that is perfect for the Pillar and Core Competency being studied. Take notes and share your thoughts and questions on CFO Insights.

Recommended Reading

Below is a list of books, periodicals, journals that we suggest you explore to gain an even richer experience from your CFO.University community.