Career Management I: Clarity

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Your career is a very personal journey and while it is possible to be strategic and specific about particular functional skills that you need to develop to be ready hold a CFO role in the future, there is far more at stake when it comes to exploring career paths.

Clarity relates to two key components:

An external clarity - Where are you going and what are the functional and behavioural traits you need to be successful and ready for your future endeavours?

An internal clarity - What drives you and how conscious are you of the traits that drive personal decisions in your career? Does this serve you in the role of a CFO or other goals you may have?

For the purpose of exploring clarity in this course, we will investigate:

Functional Analysis

Behavioural Analysis

Your Purpose and Career Drive


Our tools have been designed to shine a bright light on areas that are important to Chief Financial Officers. They are simple and straightforward to use. If you don’t learn something important about your business from our tools let us know and we’ll make them better. If you have CFO-Centric tools that are simple and insightful, send them to us. We’ll share them with your CFO.University community while giving you credit. We can’t guarantee entry into the Hall of Fame but be assured you’ll be deeply appreciated.

​Your Unique Purpose and Drive - Your “Why”