6 Mindsets for Corporate Success  

Saleem describes the six mindsets he believes are most useful for corporate success in this 7 minute video.

  1. Have a Consulting/Entrepreneurial mindset. Always have your eyes wide open searching for new opportunities
  2. Jobs are temporary. Profession is permanent. Focus on strengthening the ties to your profession first and then build loyalty with your employer.
  3. It’s not about Work-Life Balance – it’s about Work-Life Integration. “Many of us live from 9-5 in corporate prisons and get rescued everyday at 6:00 pm.” Understand what you want, create the skills to get it and break out of prison.
  4. Growth is a natural human need. If you aren’t growing, you are declining. Growth requires investment and time in well-conceived development.
  5. What matters is your achievements; not your roles or responsibilities. Your race is to do better each day and that can be done in any role or responsibility you have. Make sure your ambitions can be matched by your actions or you will always be frustrated in your work.
  6. The burden is on you to align well with the external world – Take responsibility for your development and career. You are in charge.

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