Perfecting the Close:  Back to the Basics with Reconciliations

​This instructional video covers why account reconciliations are critical to running a well-managed business and how you can get there. You will learn about the key components of a reconciliation, what proper documentation looks like, what to provide your auditors and how automation can improve the process.

Balance sheet reconciliations are one of the most powerful tools we have to catch errors and fraudulent transactions. It’s also the last opportunity we to catch errors before our numbers go out the door.

In her uniquely entertaining style, Nancy Wu delivers learning filled lessons that are entertaining to absorb.

Nancy also prepared a series, Perfecting the Close that is a perfect pairing to Back to Basics with Reconciliations.

Enjoy, Learn, Engage.

Part I

A unified set of components for the reconciliation allows for standardization, streamlining and more a thorough process. In Part I Nancy reminds us why reconciliations are critical and begins to define two of the 6 Components of a Reconciliation:

1. Policies and Procedures

  • a. Nature of Account
  • b. Reconciling Procedures
  • c. General Policies
  • d. Periodic Updates as Necessary

2. General Ledger Balances - where to start?

Part II

Nancy walks us through components 3-6 and the reconciliation review process in Part II

Part III

Nancy concludes our three part Back to Basics with Reconciliations series by explaining how to organize your reconciliations for the auditors and providing tips on automating your reconciliation process.

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