Managerial Reporting Scorecard

Managerial Reporting Scorecard

Our Managerial Reporting Scorecard is designed to add high value to this key CFO responsibility area - Timely reporting that drives keen insight into how your business is operating.

We have distilled the survey that drives the scoring into 6 sections with only 26 questions.The questions are framed in a way that minimizes your time investment while maximizing the worth of the results.

The sections include:

1. Procedures and Timing related to the Close and Report availability:

Processes that ensure accurate (not perfect) reporting within a time frame that maximizes the value of the information and respects budgetary constraints is the objective in this section.

2. Distribution of Reports:

Your reports must get in front of the right people to have an impact on your organization. Reviewing them as a management team is one of the most powerful learning opportunities you can provide your peers.

3. Reconciliation frequency:

In some odd way, accounts are like living organisms. If unattended for too long they gather moss or take on forms we don’t recognize – scrubbing up an unattended account nearly always leaves dirty bathwater. Keeping our critical accounts clean is an important step in creating useful reports that have the confidence of their users.

4. Comprehensiveness of the Managerial Reports:

Having reports that are detailed enough to answer the “Big” questions saves time and maintains confidence in your reporting. We aren’t advocating all recipients receive a tome of information every month. However, having the detail easily accessible is the key here. Tailoring reports to each recipient’s needs is a huge value add to time savings and focus.

5. Trend Analysis

Identifying and analyzing key trends for your business is a great way to catch a wave or lessen the impact of a downturn. We’ve identified some key financial trends your business should be aware of but don’t forget about other trends in your industry or the economy at large you should be monitoring. Being ahead in the intelligence game, is being ahead in the business game.

6. Ratio Analysis

Ratio analysis can provide key indicators of organizational performance while pinpointing strengths and weaknesses. Similar to trend analysis be aware of comparative industry ratios you want to be on top of.

Once you complete the survey an easy to read graph will direct you to the areas that will create the most value from improvement. Share and debate the results with staff and colleagues to confirm where your team’s energy will be directed to significantly improve the impact your managerial reporting has on your business.

Our course, Reporting: Introduction to the Financial Closing Process , and the Financial Close Assessment tool, are excellent pairings with this Managerial Reporting Scorecard.

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