CFO Talk: Improving Cash Flow with David Safeer

David Safeer , (, is passionate about improving cash flow and maximizing the profits of his clients. In this CFO Talk he tackles these questions,

1. In your piece, Cash Flow Management: Being Unconventional, you note some dangers in following traditional cash flow advice. Would you fill in the blanks on why being unconventional is so important?

2. You propose a basic structure for implementing a solid cash management program. What are the steps?

3. In your piece, The Problem With Cash Flow Isn’t What You Think It Is, you write, “Most of the time my clients believe they know the problem but have only identified a symptom and cannot even begin to see the root problems.” Why do many business leaders see the symptoms as the issue rather than the root cause?

4. Some of the examples you use could make an accountant’s hair stand on end. (confusing profits with cash flow in your gold example). Does conventional accounting help us or hurt us when it comes to understanding cash flow.

5. You share a list of ideas to help business leaders dig below the surface of cash flow problems. Would you share them with us?

6. In Fire “Loser” Clients or Keep Wasting Your Cash you describe two types of customers who hurt your company. Would you describe them for us.

7. You have a friendly but firm approach to these two customer types. Tell us about it.

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