CFO Talk: Blockchain and Crypto for CFOs with Dr.  Sean Stein Smith

Dr Sean Stein Smith tackles these question on this episode of CFO Talk:

What is blockchain?
What is its most common use is in finance today?
What should finance leaders be leveraging blockchain?
Where will blockchain having the biggest impact on the CFO suite in the next 5 years?
He also provides some great advice on taking the next steps to make blockchain technology an enabler for you.

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To SME or not to SME – The Pros and Cons

I’ve spent on average 80% of my career at Small and Medium-Sized Entities (SMEs). The definition of an SME varies by country as it is based on certain requirements such as turnover, asset size, and number of employees.

Where I come from, an SME is generally accepted to mean no more than 200/250 employees.

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