Can we really “Stop using Excel”?

An article from the Wall Street Journal recently stirred up a commotion in the Finance world. The article, Stop Using Excel, Finance Chiefs Tell Staff, is about Microsoft Excel.

A few days after, the astonished author wrote another article, Finance Pros Say You’ll Have to Pry Excel Out of Their Cold, Dead Hands, based on all the responses the first article got.

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ERPs and Budgeting—What the Excel?!

There are two remarkably persistent conditions in the world of Finance Technology that concern budgeting and ERPs. It’s surprising, because the complexities that Finance departments must address have increased dramatically over time. Ask a Finance professional involved in FP&A, performance management, budgeting, forecasting or any exercise that includes data planning (with corresponding analytics and reporting) and you will almost certainly validate the following Two Persistent Things:

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How Feasible Are Your Strategic Objectives?

Every organization sets out its goals and objectives, to accomplish its mission and vision. The two often seem like two interchangeable phrases but there is a distinction.

A goal is a desired result you want to achieve and is typically broad and vague. An objective, on the other hand, defines the specific, measurable actions each employee must take to achieve the overall goal.

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Working Capital and Creating a Culture That Respects Cash

Many companies do not give the right amount of attention to working capital management.

Most financial managers believe that developing a fundraising strategy based on an optimal capital structure following classical economic parameters is sufficient. The truth is these executives do not:

  • implement metrics focused on working capital,
  • employ the controls necessary for effective working capital management,
  • or build a real culture of “cash” among the different departments of the company.

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Selling to a SPAC. A primer for CFOs.

Guest Contributor, Matt Kemp

Prior to 2020, the term SPAC was a seldom-used, rarely mentioned financial instrument that even the most seasoned professional investors had never run into. However, last year this unique financing vehicle exploded onto the scene and has become a mainstay of CNBC daytime debriefs and Nasdaq social media announcements. Let’s explore the SPAC and learn why a CFO of a privately-held company should understand its purpose.

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