The Levers of Change

I’d like to introduce you to the first management consultant, who appeared a couple of millennia ago, and who had the greatest tool. His name was Archimedes and he had a lever.

I used that lever with some client executives who, with the strength of their position, were able to accomplish change ten times greater than others whose efforts were noble, but never seemed to pay off.

What are the levers of change and how can you apply them to your company and your finance team ?

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CFO Talk with Lynn Sheehan - Crossing the Chasm in Times of Chaos

Welcome to CFO Talk. Joining us today is Lynn Sheehan, Founder and CEO of Evolve Strategic Ventures, a business transformation firm based out of Vancouver, Washington. Lynn has a degree in laser and optical engineering. He spent eight years in the fusion program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. Before starting Evolve in 2017, he worked for a number of well-known and successful tech companies. I’m excited to share Lynn’s message Crossing the Chasm in Times of Chaos with our member scholars. Welcome Lynn. It’s great to have you on our show.

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The CFO’s Role in Times of Crisis

Companies find themselves in “crisis” more often than we like to admit. Some crises are specific to our company. Some are specific to our industry. Others to the geography we operate in. And, some, like the pandemic we are currently experiencing, are global in nature. It doesn’t matter how specific or how broad the crisis, I believe CFOs have a critical role in navigating their company through the rough waters caused by the disruption.

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