Instilling A “Just Skill Me” Mindset at Your Company

While conducting interviews in preparation for an upcoming keynote presentation, I asked my standard question, “If you could ask your leader for just one change that would enhance your engagement and effectiveness, what would it be?”

One employee, Toby, quickly responded, “just kill me,” which seemed to be a dark answer to what’s normally an uplifting question. Buying time to gather my thoughts, I reiterated what I’d heard, and he quickly corrected my understanding, “not just kill me — just skill me.” After a good laugh, he went on to share how his role was changing and he didn’t have the data analytics or coding capacity that was needed — nor the communication competencies required to get ahead in the organization. He was deeply concerned about his future in the absence of skilling up.

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It’s not always easy for a small business to do an equity capital raise or get approved for a bank loan in order to get the cash they need to grow, especially for startups and early-stage companies. When business owners don’t want to give up equity or aren’t able to obtain a traditional bank loan, what other financing options do they have?

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Five Key Commandments Of Data Visualization

Data visualization is a process in data analytics where visual representation communicates the data and insights to facilitate good data-driven decisions.

Basically, data visualization is communicating data and insights, in part or whole, using charts, color, text, ergonomics and other related aspects. While a well-crafted data visualization can make the communication pertaining to data and insights more effective, a poorly generated data visual can lead to faulty interpretation, incorrect decisions and, ultimately, poor business results.

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