Leading and Developing Your People

Katharine Halpin, a former CPA who uses simple and practical methods to bring out the best in other people, teaches how accountability and alignment are the keys to creating a great culture in this episode of CFO Talk. She shares the 9 habits required to be a strategic leader in addition to other valuable stories during this 18 minute episode.

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The Top 15 Supply Chain Terms That Every CFO Should Know

Like any industry, logistics has a multitude of terms that are commonly used but are foreign to executives unfamiliar with the day-to-day operations. To have a successful supply chain, the CFO must have a basic understanding of the terminology involved in the coordination and management of goods from all facets of the company, its suppliers, distributors, partners, and customers.

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Reputational Risk

A strong risk culture, a proactive board and operational resilience are among the keys to successful reputational risk management.

As Warren Buffett once said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” This rings especially true today, as high-profile crises – including handling a pandemic, economic collapse, cyberattacks, product recalls and damaging social media posts – are prevalent.

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The Right Business Banking Decision Matters: Here’s How to Get It Right

Need to fuel growth, to launch new initiatives, pay for equipment, or hire skilled professionals? Rewind a few years: the bank’s answer may have been a resounding “No.” Wary of lending, they clung to cash reserves. As the economy recovers, however, they know that loans drive profits. The stigma of write-offs may sharpen the pencils of some bankers, but in general, capital ratios have improved, and banks want to put their cash to use.

How do you choose which bank should put its cash to use for your business?

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