John Thackeray
Chief Risk & Compliance Policy Writer, RiskInk

John Thackeray is the founder and CEO of RiskInk. helps firms control their risks by developing their risk/compliance narrative through policy, program and procedural writing. Over his long career, he has held many risk positions, including CRO posts where he interacted and engaged with US and European regulators. John is a frequent contributor, thought leader and speaker on risk industry insights. His risk engagements have included published risk articles and white papers for the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), the Risk Management Association (RMA), the Professional Risk Management International Association (PRMIA), the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and the Association of Certified Anti Money laundering Specialists (ACAMS).He frequently contributes articles on his risk insights to the Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG).

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Phil Thorne
MD, North America

At Quorso, we passionately believe better Management is at the heart of better Business Performance. As part of the Founding Team, I lead both Operations & Finance and am also currently focused on bringing value to our Retail and Restaurant clients in the US. Our product allows business leaders to power Management by setting direction, mobilizing actions, engaging teams and learning from results all in a single tool. It’s not just about better business performance, but also more engaged teams, which led to us being named one of the top 50 global start ups in retail in 2020.

Quorso works with a variety of different Management Information sources including, POS, WFM, Task Management, Procurement and is best suited to multi-site businesses.

Areas of Expertise
+ Management Efficiency & Effectiveness
+ Business Operations
+ Corporate Finance
+ Financial Planning
+ Capital raising
+ Entrepreneurship

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Upside Business Travel

Upside Business Travel is revolutionizing travel management for small and mid-sized companies with high-tech tools, no fees and 3% cash back. To learn more about how you can centralize your company’s travel and access best-in-class customer service, at no additional cost visit

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Craig Vagt
Partner Emeritus Talbot, Korvola & Warwick, LLP

Over 30 years of experience in the tax area working with companies of all sizes to enhance their financial position.

Specialties: Tax with a focus on corporations, partnerships and individual matters. Extensive work in structuring acquisitions and sales of businesses.

Experience with most industries.

Past managing partner at TKW.

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Jeff VandenHoek
Intentionality, LLC

Over 26 years experience in leadership and program development, including business and leadership development coaching/consulting, higher education administration/teaching and nonprofit leadership. Experiential teacher inspired by collaboratively helping individuals and organizations get better through purposeful intention, building trust and increasing a positive impact in their organizations and all of life. Jeff specializes in supporting and facilitating:

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments & Coaching
  • High Impact Leadership Development & Influence - Leadership Coaching
  • New Team Formation & Development
  • Embracing Difficult, Imperative Conversations (conflict)
  • Trust Development (with self, others and teams)
  • ‘Simplexity’ - Blending the Complex with the Simple and keeping it Simple
  • Communication Strategies - Organizational & Individual
  • Creativity and Ideation - Product Development and Process
  • Organization Development & Behavior

Jeff is a life long learner, attempting to capture the meaning from experiences where ever they occur. He loves watching people, listening to their stories and celebrating all of life that is lived. He is passionate about music (both consuming and performing). He is in love with his wife of 30 years and 3 children ages 26, 23 and 17. For Jeff….Life is full. Life is good. Life is Messy. Life is beautiful.

Don’t miss Jeff’s Courses:

Self Awareness I

Self Awareness II

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Jerry Vieira
President & Founder of The QMP Group, Inc.

Jerry Vieira is a Certified Management Consultant and President & Founder of The QMP Group, Inc..

QMP helps clients discover and mine hidden opportunities for revenue breakthroughs, earnings growth, and increased corporate value. We focus a client’s Market Strategy, streamline their Business Development approach, instill rigor and discipline into their Sales Process and inspire their team to higher performance.

Jerry is considered an insightful, creative and energizing force - the kind of mind you want in the room when struggling with a tough issue. As one CEO put it, Jerry combines “ … a quick wit and brilliant insight.”

A strategic advisor to SMB B2B CEOs/Owners, Jerry is the creator of the QMP Foundational Marketing Methodology™, the QMP Marketing & Sales Engine™, QSP Sales Process, the Consultancy Navigator™ Program and Omni™, a universally tailorable consultancy client situation assessment tool.

Jerry writes and delivers motivating and insightful talks & workshops on market strategy, the adoption of innovation, sales, and performance excellence. He has been cited by business authors, his own writings have appeared in Chief Executive Magazine, CEO Refresher, Industry Week, Business Marketing, Electronics Business, Elsevier Business Journal, the IndUS Business Journal, the Association for Strategic Planning.

Jerry earned an M.B.A. from the University of Rhode Island and two BS degrees, in Electrical Engineering and Music. He has held management positions in engineering, manufacturing, marketing & sales, in both Fortune 500 and pre-and-post IPO small firms.

On a personal note, Jerry is a musician. A trumpet player since his second teeth grew in, he played his first nightclub at the age of 11. Currently, he mostly composes and can typically be found at any piano in his line of sight.

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Ben Wann
Co-Founder, The Numbers Guys

What Drives Me? I l am passionate about finding dynamic solutions to complex problems. I am dedicated to improving workflows, developing and redesigning processes, leading teams, unlocking the power of data analytics/business intelligence, and making an organizational impact within the areas of accounting and finance. I am relentlessly accountable in everything that I do.

I am driven by a love for constant learning. I am always working to improve myself and strengthen my skillset. I have a personal commitment to reach an expert level of knowledge between the intersection of accounting and business process improvement.

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