Paul Gundersen
Chief Customer Officer at PARIS Technologies, Inc.

Paul has worked in a variety of strategy, analytics, corporate, and entrepreneurial roles. He has a broad background, is an excellent communicator, has directed complex efforts, and enjoys bridging the gap between business and technical communities. He adds value in many aspects of running a business/operation.

Seasoned business leader:

  • Career Focus | Most of my career has focused on aligning people on strategic priorities
  • Complex Challenges | Expert at bringing order to chaos and driving managed change
  • Compliments | Business background is complimented by a deep background in technology
  • Company exposure | Startup to Enterprise
  • Aligning Stakeholders | Skilled at interfacing at all levels of the organization
  • Subject Matter Expertise | Subject matter expert in Business Intelligence and Planning

Paul has:

  • driven sales and strategy in various entrepreneurial ventures
  • worked with Accenture in delivery and deal shaping
  • built/sold FirstQuarter (an entrepreneurial startup)
  • served as CIO for Right Management Consultants and Strategic Distribution
  • worked in various leadership capacities for Cognos, Microsoft, and Du Pont
  • performed extensive research on the US Stock Market and built a real-time trading system

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