Preparing A Strategic Plan – How Well Do You Know Your Industry?

When it’s time for that much needed vacation, most of us don’t just jump in our car or head to the airport, without an idea of where we are going. The same holds true in business. For most of us moving our company into the future requires a strategic plan. In the first of our 3 part series on planning we cover how to kick off your strategic planning process.

So, where do you start?

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One of the Defining Attributes of a Successful CFO: Accounting

Do your Recording and Reporting systems lend transparency to your business? Is your corporate structure and governance process in line with your size, goals and culture. In this first segment on our Series: The Defining Attributes of a Successful CFO, we explain the importance of Accounting, as a key pillar in the house of the Chief Financial Officer.

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Assessing The Health Of Your Business: The Art And Science Of Accounting

It pays to do things twice in accounting. Italian friar Luca Pacioli established that when he published the first book on double-entry bookkeeping in 1494. The practice is still being used today. Like Pacioli, who was well versed in a wide range of subjects, the art and science of accounting is all about timing and balance.

Double-entry bookkeeping, which requires two-sides to every journal entry, gave birth to the income statement and balance sheet. Together with the cash-flow statement, they create a financial reporting system that keeps your books in equilibrium.

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